Joanna Sentissi, MD FACS

Board Certified Vascular Surgeon / Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Endovascular Ablation | Sclerotherapy | Laser Therapy

Dr. Sentissi did her undergraduate work at the University of California before going on to earn her MD at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. She completed her internship at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut, followed by her residency in general surgery as well as vascular research at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston. After receiving her certification in general surgery with the American Board of Surgery and her licensure in the State of Massachusetts, she continued her training at the Boston Veterans Administration Hospital where she completed a fellowship in vascular surgery. In 1991, she successfully passed the certifying examinations for the American Board of Vascular Surgery and joined Newton Wellesley Surgeons in 1993. She remains a board certified surgeon in both general and vascular surgery.

Throughout the years, she has served on numerous committees at Newton Wellesley Hospital. Currently, she is a member of the peer review committee that monitors quality and outcomes for the surgical service. She is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Tufts University School of Medicine.

Her clinical interests and expertise center around minimally invasive vascular surgery, including the VNUS Closure procedure and sclerotherapy. As of October 2013, she has performed over 2000 of these endovascular venous ablation procedures. Dr. Sentissi has established the first IAC accredited Vein Center in Newton-Wellesley

She also has a keen interest in general surgery. She is a breast surgeon and member of the Auerbach Breast Center at NWH which provides a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer. She routinely performs operations for gallbladder disease and all types of abdominal wall hernias.

Dr. Sentissi is an avid equestrian and also enjoys scuba diving and travelling.

Boston SansVein & Esthétiques: An IAC accredited vein center, where our expert vascular surgeon, Dr. Sentissi, and her team can evaluate and treat your veins – from spider veins to varicose veins – and get you looking and feeling great.



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