Written by:

Robert G.

Patient of Newton-Wellesley Surgeons, Inc.

This is my personal journey in ridding myself of varicose veins on both my legs which were painful, unsightly and most importantly unhealthy to my wellbeing not just in the present but moving forward into the years ahead.

I contacted Newton-Wellesley Surgeons and was greeted with a gracious welcome from the front office staff which referred me to Dr. Sentissi and her personal assistant for a consult and evaluation. The appointment was made for a week later, and my journey for healthy legs began.

On my initial visit, I was greeted by the most gracious, smiling front office staff I had ever experienced. After completing the necessary pre-visit questionnaire, I was escorted to the exam room.  A few minutes later Dr. Sentissi assistant came in introduced herself and evaluated my condition, symptoms, and concerns. Thereafter photos were taken, and a consultation with Dr. Sentissi was in order.

Dr. Sentissi is one of the most heartwarming, caring professionals I have ever met.

Her sincere approach to my health issue revolving around years of discomfort in my legs was very welcoming and supportive in making the right decision for me personally and not categorizing my concerns or issues with an overall one size fits all approach.  After a thorough examination, Dr. Sentissi decided to move forward and schedule the necessary testing in order to evaluate where the issue stems from.

In the next week, I was back again to have a one on one consultation with Dr. Sentissi to discuss the findings of the ultrasound and treatment.  After a long session of questions and answers from Dr. Sentissi and myself, we (together) decided that the surgery would be beneficial to my wellbeing today and looking forward to the future.

Over the next two weeks, I had been contacted by the pleasant scheduling nurse which consulted me on preparation for the upcoming surgery.

On the day of the procedure I was a bit nervous but the comfort of knowing I was under the care of Dr. Sentissi and her staff of NWS, did alleviate the stress.  With medication administered and a welcome smile from Dr. Sentissi, we proceeded, “are you ready” she said, and I replied, “let’s do this.”  With a sterilized room and all the surgical equipment ready the procedure was underway.  Working on one leg at a time Dr. Sentissi made the first incision, the second, every step of the process was explained to me, and my comfort, pain level and wellbeing was checked continuously and addressed. Before I knew it, they were finished.  Leg was wrapped and with no time to waste I was on my feet and ready to go home and all complete in a little over an hour.  The whole procedure was less painful than getting a tooth filling, and at the same time, I was able to keep a conversation with the nurse and laugh at her jokes.

Six weeks later I was back at Newton Wellesley Surgeons ready to perform the same surgery on my left leg, all went smooth as expected and I was on my way home in no time.  With some additional Sclerotherapy Sessions over a period of six weeks my legs look and feel like new.

My sincere gratitude to the whole team at Newton-Wellesley Surgeons for making this process an easy journey to overcome.  Surgery of any kind should be taken seriously, but when performed by a well-educated, caring doctor who has a personal interest in only your wellbeing then you must visit Dr. Sentissi at Newton Wellesley Surgeons. Care that starts before, during and after surgery.  NWS is a unique home to a group of surgeons, nurses, and staff that genuinely care.

Varicose Veins is a condition which affects males and females alike and should not be left untreated or at the very least discussed with a qualified Vascular Surgeon like Dr. Sentissi.

A mere thank you does not do this group justice.

I am eternally grateful for everything!

Your patient, Robert G


“This practice goes above and beyond in their care for their patients. Dr. Kahan, Dr Gryska specifically – are truly amazing! Will recommend this practice hands down for anything from veins to gallbladders.”

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