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Created by Doctors, for Patients.

Direct access to top specialists
No insurance network or referral restrictions
Accelerated appointment availability
One transparent and affordable price

Some of the main barriers keeping patients from seeking the medical care they need are issues with insurance. In particular, seeing a specialist can entail many steps that deter patients from the process. When patients do not have the appropriate coverage to see a doctor, or does not like the hassle of setting appointments, obtaining referrals while abiding by the network parameters of their policy, they can easily feel discouraged.

UBERDOC simplifies this process. A service created by concerned doctors for patients, UBERDOC allows patients to bypass their insurance requirements and book an appointment with a specialist directly. In other words, patients using this service do not have to obtain a referral from their primary care physician, remain within their insurance network or pay any out of network fees. For one flat service fee, UBERDOC will connect you with top specialists and give you flexible and timely appointments.

The traditional route of seeing a specialist can be so disheartening for patients, who often have to wait weeks before seeing their primary care physicians for a referral. From that point, the waiting game continues as a patient tries to fit into the specialist’s schedule. If they are lucky, the doctor they want to see will accept their insurance policy.

With UBERDOC, a specialist in your area is accessible with a simple click.

UBERDOC users have priority access to the specialists listed on their service. This means patients can book an appointment for the next day or at their leisure. No third parties. No long waiting periods.

In order to use UBERDOC, patients begin by picking the type of specialist they need to see. After selecting a specialty from a drop-down menu, patients enter their zip code to search for a doctor in their area. From the list of nearby doctors, patients select a doctor and a time for their appointment.  The platform will then ask for the patient’s demographic information (e.g., address, phone number and email) and to create a password for their account. The final step is for patients to pay a one-time 50-dollar fee to reserve the appointment.  After the appointment with the specialist, the patient will need to pay the remaining 250 dollars for the service. Medicare patients only pay 50 dollars.

From dermatology, cardiology, plastic surgery to neurology, UBERDOC is a curated group of high quality specialists. When using this service, patients therefore have access to top doctors in their area. Newton-Wellesley Surgeons are also featured on UBERDOC.

Our eclectic group of doctors, from breast to hernia surgeons, is highly qualified to help patients heal and treat their various issues. Like all doctors on UBERDOC, our doctors are all board certified and well trained in their specialties. Look for us today on UBERDOC.


“This practice goes above and beyond in their care for their patients. Dr. Kahan, Dr Gryska specifically – are truly amazing! Will recommend this practice hands down for anything from veins to gallbladders.”

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